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Why Get Balanced?

kostenlos flirten hamburg Contrary to what statistics may imply, being healthy is your body’s normal state. So why do I have lower back pain? Why do I get headaches so frequently? Why do I feel fatigued all the time?

dating a narcissist girlfriend Your nervous system is the ringleader to the healthy workings of your body and it can be overloaded by a condition as simple as stress or one particular food in your diet. As the primary communicator for the body and it’s functions, we tap into your nervous system and get clues as to what the body needs to self correct. Using Applied Kinesiology, we can identify where the system is off, be it chemical (elimination of offensive substances, deficiencies of Vitamins, minerals, hormones, neurotransmitters) or structural imbalances that are interfering with normal communication of the system, or stress (emotional, physical, etc..).

Visit Your URL Since your spinal column is the root of your nervous system, then joint restrictions or fixations among the moving bones of the vertebral column can be the source of your pain. Treatments are then performed as indicated with adjustments of the spine, extremities, cranium, TMJ, nutritional recommendations, lifestyle modifications, emotional corrections, and more.

Proper Balanced care, using this complete arsenal of tools, we assist your body to alleviate pain and support your natural state of well being.

“Any aches or pains that appear, I always check in with Dr. Chris before seeing my general doctor, and I ALWAYS walk out of his office with a significant reduction or complete annihilation of my pain; or a nutritional supplement that alleviates my condition.” just widower dating uk ~Alison S Read More >>

Get Balanced and Get Rid of Low Back Pain

A 1996 New England Journal of Medicine study found that patients with acute low back pain that were treated by Chiropractors were significantly more satisfied with outcomes and costs than those who saw primary care, orthopedic or general care practitioners.

Get Balanced and Get Rid of Headaches

In 2001, a study conducted by the Center for Clinical Health Policy Research at Duke University concluded that spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for cervicogenic headaches, including headaches that originate in the neck.


Malpractice Insurance Premium: MD vs. Chiropractor

According to a report published by Washington University, the annual malpractice insurance premium for a Medical Doctor (MD) is 90% higher than the annual malpractice premium for a Chiropractor.

This being a statistical analysis of risk by the companies that pay out on injury claims, it stands to reason that of the two options chiropractic looks to be remarkably safer.


Get Balanced vs. Prescription Drugs

In 2001, a study conducted by the Center for Clinical Health Policy Research at Duke University concluded that spinal manipulation resulted in significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headaches over commonly prescribed medication.


Get Balanced, with Sleep

Research from Harvard has shown that getting less than 6 hours of sleep impacts the insulin producing cells in your pancreas and results in higher blood sugar levels, resulting in weight gain.


Diabetes Risks and Prevention

  • Some government estimates show that by 2020 nearly half of this country will have diabetes or show pre-diabetic symptons. 50%
  • A study published by Harvard School of Public Health found walking briskly for a half hour every day reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 30 percent. 30%
  • A study reported in BMJ – British Medical Journal found that eating one and half servings of leafy greens per day can reduce your risk of diabetes by 14% 14%

Get on a Path to Balanced Health.

 Be Balanced. Be Healthy.

It’s That Simple.

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Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease by 70%

Patients following the Mediterranean-style diet had up to 70 percent lower risk of recurrent heart disease. The Mediterranean diet includes olive oil and nuts for monounsaturated fat. Fresh, cold-water fish high in Omega-3 fats are a staple. ~ The American Heart Association

This is Balanced Care.

Chiropractic care, including Applied Kinesiology; spinal and postural screenings and adjustments; therapeutic exercises; massage; nutritional counseling and/or supplements, all make up our well rounded approach to the treatment of patients at Balanced Chiropractic of Huntington Beach.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Chris Hammond has been successfully treating people of all ages that came in to the office for all sorts of reasons:

  • I was injured in a car accident and want to restore my strength and well being
  • I want to restore flexibility and improve my posture
  • I don’t have the same energy level that I used to
  • I feel discomfort in my digestive system often after meals
  • I want to understand how I can integrate chiropractic alignment into my other wellness practice
  • I fall asleep on the couch long before bedtime
  • I’d like to learn more about how to offset the effects of arthritis

Your path to wellness starts here.

Okay, Let's Go!

“Over the past few years I’ve suffered from multiple medical issues and felt like I was seeing every specialist in town only to be told they don’t have a clue what’s wrong with me. To this day Dr Chris has been the only one to tell me what’s wrong and continues to work with me to find relief. He goes above and beyond to truly help you…”

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Get Balanced

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