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Sample Case Studies on Chiropractic Care and Applied Kinesiology

Get Balanced and you’ll get more than just a spinal adjustment. You’ll get a complete and Balanced look at your broader system through the research and wellness practice of the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Here are just a few remarkable case studies to give you a sense of what getting Balanced will do for your health.

order neomercazole over the counter Objective:
The purpose of this case report is to describe the chiropractic care of a 10-year-old boy who presented with developmental delay syndromes, asthma, and chronic neck and head pain and to present an overview of his muscular imbalances during manual muscle testing evaluation that guided the interventions offered to this child.

Nizhnyaya Tura Clinical Features:
The child was a poor reader, suffered eye strain while reading, had poor memory for classroom material, and was unable to move easily from one line of text to another during reading. He was using 4 medications for the asthma but was still symptomatic during exercise.

buy Lyrical dance costumes online Intervention and Outcome:
Chiropractic care, using applied kinesiology, guided evaluation, and treatment. Following spinal and cranial treatment, the patient showed improvement in his reading ability, head and neck pain, and respiratory distress. His ability to read improved (in 3 weeks, after 5 treatments), performing at his own grade level. He has remained symptom free for 2 years.

Chinch'ŏn Conclusion:
The care provided to this patient seemed to help resolve his chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain and improve his academic performance.

Source: Cuthbert S, Rosner A

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To present the case of a female with chronic low back pain and sciatica following L4-L5 disc surgery successfully treated with AK therapies.

Clinical Features:
A 53-year-old female presented with 18 months of low back pain, bilateral sacroiliac pain, and right-sided sciatica into the gluteal region. Eighteen months previously she had nucleolysis microsurgery to the L4-L5 disc, which improved the sciatica that had been going throughout her leg and into her right great toe. Standing and her daily work were both still painful (her work as a gym instructor was curtailed under these conditions).

Intervention and Outcome:
Category III dysfunction, L5 spinal dysfunction, bilateral femur head dysfunction, and release of the iliofemoral ligament were successfully treated. Trigger point therapy to the right piriformis and hamstring were also given. On follow up the category III was resolved. A category II was corrected and the left psoas was treated successfully with trigger point therapy and reflex treatment.

By the fourth visit, all categories were resolved and the muscles of the legs, pelvis, and back were strong. The patient was tested for the need of a heel lift, and a 5-millimeter heel lift was given. Two weeks later the patient was pain free, and all previous findings negative. She began her past gym activities without symptomatology.

This case showed complete resolution of sacroiliac, low back, and sciatic pain from 4 sessions of chiropractic therapy. The patient expected complete resolution of her problem from her previous surgery, but found that chiropractic therapy achieved her hoped for outcome at much less expense. Larger clinical trials on AK treatment for low back conditions and sciatica are necessary.

Source: Laurent Picard, D.C. (Collected Papers International College of Applied Kinesiology, 2007-2008:5-6)

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To present the case of a professional soccer player successfully treated for chronic low back pain.

Clinical Features:
A twenty-two-year-old male professional soccer player with a 3-year history of low back pain presented, feeling “very heavy” when he ran and “not being straight.” Four years previous he experienced pubalgia, and was treated successfully by his team‟s physiotherapist. Several medical doctors and sports medicine specialists had treated him over a 3-year period and given him heel lifts. His career was in danger because of his poor performance, and he was depressed because of this.

Intervention and Outcome:
AK examination showed numerous muscular and structural disturbances that were corrected. The AK evaluation showed that the heel lift was not improving his muscular function, and he was instructed to stop using it. Pelvic category II, lumbar, and symphysis pubis dysfunctions were corrected, and trigger point therapy for the piriformis and rectus femoris muscles were given. On the third visit the patient was feeling much better, with leg length inequality reduced to 3 millimeters. Lower extremity MMT was now negative. One month later all corrections remained stable, and the patient was feeling very well and he improved his soccer performance.

A professional athlete responded quickly to AK therapy, and his soccer performance was enhanced. The use of a heel lift (based only on the assessment of leg length discrepancy) was apparently in error, and correction of the entire patient‟s motor system eliminated the need for the heel lift and the leg length inequality.

Source: Laurent Picard, D.C. (Collected Papers International College of Applied Kinesiology, 2007-2008:7-8)

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To present the case of a woman who had been treated for diabetes over 24 years whose blood sugar, total cholesterol, and weight were all markedly improved with AK therapy.

Clinical Features:

A 49-year-old female was diagnosed with gestational diabetes 24 years previously and had been taking diabetic medications since. She was on 75/25 insulin BID for the past 8 years, as well as Byetta, Ditropan, and Metformin. She was also being treated for arthritis with Naproxen, Welchol (for high cholesterol), and hormone replacement. On her initial visit she weighted 190 lbs, her fasting blood sugar was 152, total cholesterol was 205, 1,000mg/dl in the urine, and positive for nitrates in the urine. She had constant headaches, felt fatigued, nervous, and continuous low back pain.

Intervention and Outcome:

AK food sensitivity testing showed that she should avoid wheat/gluten, dairy, chocolate, and monosodium glutamate. She was put on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables (2 times the amount of vegetables to fruits), 1 gallon of water mixed with lime juice and pure maple syrup to be consumed every 15 minutes throughout the day. A cardiovascular exercise program was created for her and was followed. A number of blood sugar related nutrients were proscribed.

After 6 months of care she had lost 40.5 lbs, her fasting blood sugar ranges from 90-100, total cholesterol lowered to 161, and she is off all her oral medications and insulin. She continues her dietary changes and exercises 5 times per week.


This case shows that AK can be used to isolate food sensitivities, and to determine nutritional recommendations that allowed the patient to go off all her diabetic medications and to recover her health.

Source: DIABETES – A CASE STUDY Brian T. Hickey, D.C. ABSTRACT (Collected Papers International College of Applied Kinesiology, 2008-1987)

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