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Here’s a few comments from some of our patients.

Do you have comments to share? We appreciate your help in giving others a path to a healthy, this article site de rencontre gratuit pour la cote d'ivoire conocer gente por pin 2015 hookup websites guaranteed to find you a partner mall dating tips site de rencontre lybien rencontres oenologiques nancy Balanced life! Please share a story or any general comments about your experience with Balanced Chiropractic, in the form below.

“Dr. Chris is absolutely incredible! He is by far the best doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to. He is very knowledgeable and let’s you know what he is doing as he makes an adjustment.

Over the past few years I’ve suffered from multiple medical issues and felt like I was seeing every specialist in town only to be told they don’t have a clue what’s wrong with me. To this day Dr Chris has been the only one to tell me what’s wrong and continues to work with me to find relief. He goes above and beyond to truly help you. It’s always a pleasure to see him. I have no plans to go anywhere else.”

~ Shelby M

“I was referred to Dr. Chris by my granddaughter’s other grandmother. He is terrific. I don’t know how he does what he does, but it’s like magic. A couple of touches here and there, he seems to know exactly what my body needs, he does a couple of maneuvers and presto, I usually can walk again.

He’s the only one who can fix my sciatic nerve when it decides to go into spasm. I truly cannot walk without a trip to his office. Then, unlike other chiropractors I’ve been to, it is not several visits, it’s usually only a few, he works his magic, and I’m up and about again.

He is truly blessed by the Lord with a gift. He’s terrific! I’ll never go to another chiropractor again. It’s that simple.”

~Claudia Silverwood

“I’ve been seeing Chris for a few years now, starting with when I had pulled one of my ribs out of place and was in a lot of pain and couldn’t breathe in all the way. I spoke to a doctor about it and he said I would have to have surgery which seemed a little crazy to me but then I went to see Chris. He popped it back into place with the craziest maneuver and I felt instantly relieved. It took a few more times to keep it in the correct position and we even had X-Rays done of it to make sure it was being properly fixed.

Since then I have seen him every time I feel any of my bones are out of place. I twisted the bottom vertebrae of my back and he fixed that too. I’ve been to a couple other chiropractors in my life and they all wanted me to join some regular program or use electrostimulation and went through all this snake oil presentation of their services. Chris is not like that. He is extremely kind and interested in what is wrong and with you in general. He does some gentle tests to see where things are wrong and goes right to work. Best chiropractor ever.”

~ Joshua Wallace

“I was referred to Dr. Chris by a trusted friend nearly 15 years ago, while in my twenties. Any aches or pains that appear, I always check in with Dr. Chris before seeing my general doctor, and I ALWAYS walk out of his office with a significant reduction or complete annihilation of my pain; or a nutritional supplement that alleviates my condition.

I was also able to ‘convert’ my husband, who is very health conscious and acutely aware of his own medical condition. He quickly became open to seeing Dr. Chris first or in tandem with his general practitioner, for injuries or ailments, and experienced relief far more often with Dr. Chris.

Balanced Chiropractic is, by all intents and purposes, my primary care facility/doctor.”

~ Alison S.

“My first visit to Dr. Chris was actually a birthday present from a dear friend! I must say it was one of the best presents I have ever received! I have referred more than a dozen patients to him for various reasons. I have not heard one negative thing in the ten years I have been seeing him.

Dr. Chris is willing to listen to each patient, treat them as an individual, and explore different treatment options for best results. The main thing I am so relieved to have disappear is my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Dr. Chris was able to pinpoint and help me eradicate foods and lifestyle choices that now cause me to be symptomless!

My children and my grandmother have all been to see him and have all been helped! I would go, if you are on the fence, just go, you will not be sorry!”

~Liz J.

“When I was in my late teens, I began to suffer from chronic migraines. In my early twenties, I was rear-ended leaving me with neck and upper-back pain that never seemed to go away despite the many hours I spent with my chiropractor and massage therapist. Several years ago a co-worker suggested that I give Dr. Hammond a try, and I can’t be more delighted that I did.

Dr. Hammond is simply amazing.

He is kind, caring, and extremely effective. He used applied kinesiology at each of my appointments to determine exactly which vertebrae needed to be adjusted to bring me to optimal health. I can no longer even remember the pain that used to be a routine part of my everyday life. Thanks so much Dr. Hammond!”

~Carolyn R.

“What can I say about Dr. Chris and his” magic touch”? My husband has been seeing him for the past 20 years and swears by his abilities!

I was skeptical until I thought I was having some major health problem years ago, couldn’t breathe, chest pains and then one visit to Dr. Chris who said some of my ribs were out and Bam, I was fixed with just an adjustment! When my lower back was giving me problems, a few visits and I felt great!

I can’t express how much I value his expertise and would recommend him to anyone! Now, I see him on a monthly basis just to keep my body aligned!”

~Rosanna Janis

“I may be a little prejudice since Chris is my oldest son, however, as a senior citizen with numerous aches and pains, I rely on his expertise weekly to keep me in good shape to continue my daily 3-4 mile walk with our dog. He is a gentle soul that cares about his patients and their well being. I am blessed to have him in my life!”

~Mary G

How Did You Get Balanced?

Referrals from our happy, Balanced patients is what brings people to our door.

Say it as if you’re talking to a friend with back pain or fatigue or a weird popping sound in their elbow when they pull their toddler out of the car seat. What would you say to that friend, to recommend Dr. Chris to help them out?

Your comments here just may help someone else looking for healthy, Balanced wellness.


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